Dog Park Success

While we encourage you to try and keep a regular routine of exercise for your dog, we also want to remind you to keep in mind that a good owner maintains leadership even while at the dog park. Let’s go over some tips on picking the best dog park, along with some etiquette and training ideas to help make the park trip as successful as it can be!

What to Look for in a Dog Park

Look for a dog park with a sturdy fence (at least 4 feet tall). It should also have a double-gated entrance, which helps prevent a dog from slipping out of the gate and running away. Check to see if there is a water source too, and if not, be sure to bring water. Some dog parks may divided into two areas, one area for small dogs and one for large dogs. This is a safe and great option if you have a smaller dog that may get scared of larger dogs.


We all want to be able to enjoy the dog park and have a good experience. Ensure other owners are engaged and keeping an eye on their dog. When socializing with other dogs it is important to ensure proper play. Some dogs may roughhouse more than others which could possibly lead to a more fearful dog going forward. When socializing with others dogs, it’s extremely important to watch their body language. You want to see wagging tails and loose body language. If another dog is getting too rough always remember you can move to another area of the park.

We hope you find these tips helpful while enjoying your next visit to the dog park with talk your furry friend!

If you have any additional thoughts or questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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