Dognapping On The Rise! Keep Your Pet Safe With A Microchip!

Dognapping is on the rise. 224 pets were reported stolen from January to July of 2011 – compared to 150 stolen in that same amount of time in 2010 (American Kennel Club).

“We are getting reports almost daily of pets stolen during home invasions, out of parked cars, while people are running errands and even snatched from dog lovers out for a walk in the park,” American Kennel Club spokesperson Lisa Peterson reported to MENAFN.

It is becoming unsafe just to take your dog for a walk – a pastime that used to be enjoyable and relaxing. Instead, pet owners have to keep watch over their shoulders and monitor all people they come into contact with.

This ruthless trend of dognapping is stretching all across the US, from New York to California, Chicago to Texas. Is there anything we can do to keep our pets safe?

“Fortunately, we have also seen recoveries of stolen pets because of their microchips, which permanently identify them with their owners. A simple scan at the shelter or vet’s office and the true identity of the real owner can be found by calling the pet recovery service,” AKC informed MENAFN

A microchip, which is about the size of a grain of rice, can be placed inside your pet to locate their whereabouts. The microchip “stores a unique radio frequency number that is read by a scanner. It costs as little as $15 to microchip a pet and register the pets contact information,” explained the article posted by MENAFN.

You can register your pet’s microchip on one of three major databases: Avid, Home Again and 24PetWatchMicrochip. 

The Bregman Vet Group offers the microchip procedure. For more information, visit, or call one of the four locations

A few reminders: Don’t leave your dog unattended ANYWHERE – not in a car, tied up to a tree or pole while you’re inside a shop or at a park. Don’t answer questions from strangers about how much your pet is worth, where you live, etc., and never leave your pet with a stranger!

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