Dogs and Your Emotional Wellbeing

a long and stressful day, there is nothing better than coming home to your
pets. The bond we share as humans with our pets is not something that can be
compared to much else. The simple reality is, we have a relationship with our
cats or dogs that causes us to have emotions that we associate with our pets.
After a hard day we come home, relax on the sofa and find relief from having
our cat curl up on our lap or sloppy dog kisses on our face.
In fact, according to research, when we
interact with dogs for example, oxytocin levels increase in us and in dogs. Furthermore,
the study shows that when mutual gazing exists between humans and their dogs,
our oxytocin levels increase. Doctors have found that when our oxytocin level
is at an increased rate, our stress and anxiety levels decrease significantly.
Today it is becoming more common to see
dogs in hospitals, therapy sessions and exam study halls in universities across
the country. Dogs and pets in general have many additional benefits besides
being a reliable companion. One study illustrated that adults who regularly
take their dogs on longer walks are more physically active and less likely to
become obese than dog owners who did not regularly take their pets for a walk. Another
looked at senior dog walkers ages 71 to 82 and found that if they regularly
walked their dogs they were found to have greater mobility within their homes.

Having a dog can greatly improve your
health and overall happiness. Don’t forget to be sure that your dog’s health is
in tip top shape by regularly attending veterinary appointments. If you think
you’re due for an appointment soon, give us a call today!

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