Emergency Disaster Services For Your Pet During Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene is creeping up on the East Coast, leaving everyone in New York panicking. The city has set up emergency response plans in case of a disaster for the people of New York, but what about our pets?

In case of an emergency, there are services for your pet!

NYC VERT is a volunteer group of veterinarians and animal health professionals dedicated to the support of New York City’s working and companion animals in times of disaster (nycvert.com).

This elite group joined together after the events of September 11th and has worked steadily with the NYC Office of Emergency Management to develop disaster planning for NYC’s pets. NYC VERT is part of the Animal Planning Task Force and work closely with many agencies throughout the tri-state area.

Their mission is to ensure that “qualified veterinary care is available during disaster response in our city,” (nycvert.com).

Are you prepared for an emergency? NYC VERT and The Bregman Vet Group suggests you have an emergency pet bag packed just in case. 

Include basic essentials including a leash, canned food for 3 days, a spare bag of treats, a toy, a face cloth and/or towel your pet can lay on, and a few bottles of water. In addition, have a secure carrier, muzzle, bowls, waste disposal bags and/or litter pan and a first aid kit. 

Having these items easily accessible and organized will make a bad situation better.

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