Fall Safety: The Season of Toxic Mushrooms

Pets are explorers and wanderers, and
because of this they are at a higher risk for consuming toxic mushrooms in the
fall season. The good news is, 99% of the mushrooms you will find in your yard
or on a hike thru the woods are non-toxic, but it is important to remember that
dogs and cats are not able to sniff out the toxic ones, so the best solution is
to discourage investigation and consumption of mushrooms all together.
Some of the initial symptoms of toxic
mushroom consumption include:
bloody diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal
pain, dehydration, fever, and elevated heart rate. Without treatment of these
symptoms, the pet is at high risk for liver and kidney failure within 3-5 days.
Three of the deadliest mushrooms your
dog or cat might consume include:
are attracted to these mushrooms due to their fishy odor.

your pet may have been poisoned by a mushroom, try to get a sample of what they
consumed to aid in identification. Immediately call your veterinarian or poison
control center. Stay safe this season and keep an eye on your pet.

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