FAQ Answered About Grooming Your Pets!

Do you
have any unanswered questions about grooming your pets? Here are a couple FAQ
about grooming your pets answered, courtesy of the ASPCA.

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?
The ASPCA recommends bathing your dog at least
once every three months. Your pet may require more frequent baths if she spends
a lot of time outdoors.
Is Human Shampoo Safe to Use on My Pet?
Using a shampoo formulated for pets is best.
Human shampoos aren’t toxic to pets, but some may contain fragrances or other
substances that can irritate pets’ skin.
Be sure to select a product that’s
specifically formulated for your species of animal, as some ingredients may be
harmful when applied to different types of pets. It’s always smart to talk with
your pet’s veterinarian to make sure you’re selecting a shampoo that will meet
your pet’s needs.
Do I Need to Bathe My Cat? My Bird?
With her built-in grooming tools (tongue and
teeth, of course), your kitty is well-equipped to tackle her own hair care
needs. But if she’s extra dirty or gets into something sticky or smelly, you
may need to give her a bath.
As for your feathered friend, you can help
keep his plumage looking perfect with a bath as often as he likes it. Put a
shallow dish of water at the bottom of his cage and let him hop around in it.
You’ll probably want to schedule bath time just before you clean his cage!
When Do I Need to Call My Vet?
If your pet has fleas or mange, or his fur is
so matted that it affects his health and mobility, it’s time to see a vet.
Furthermore, if your pet becomes aggressive when you or an experienced groomer
tries to bathe him, please contact your vet.
My Pet Has Long Hair That’s Frequently Matted.
How Do I Get Rid of the Matting?
Gently tease out mats with a slicker brush,
and then brush your pet with a bristle brush. If matting is particularly dense,
you may try clipping the hair, taking care not to come near the skin. It’s a
good idea to set up a daily grooming routine for long-haired pets, since they
really need daily brushing to remove tangles and prevent mats.
How Do I Cut Down on My Pet’s Shedding?
Shedding is a normal process for pets, but the
amount and frequency of hair lost often depends on health and breed type. While
you can’t stop the shedding process altogether, you can greatly reduce the
amount of fur on your furniture by brushing your pet regularly.
Excessive shedding can also be circumvented
with proper nutrition. Quality pet-food manufacturers work hard to include the
right amount of nutrients so that supplements are not needed, but pets with
allergies or sensitivities might need to experiment with different brands to
discover which food works best for them.
For more
useful tips about your pet’s health, visit www.aspca.org

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