Fearful Dogs: Inadequately Socialized or Previously Abused & Concerns of Perineal Urethrostomy

Two popular concerns were addressed this week on the “Askthe Pet Vet” blog, Fearful Dogs: Inadequately Socialized or Previously Abused? And, Concerns of Perineal Urethrostomy. 
Sandy, a mixed breed dog, has been over fearful since she was adopted. The owners fear that she was abused by her previous owner and ask “DaisyDog” if there, “is any hope for her?” 
Daisy Dog says yes, there is hope! “While abuse probably plays a role in some dogs’ fear, most of us with unwarranted fear are victims of inadequate early socialization,” says Daisy. Shyness and fearful attitude can also be inherited in dogs, which is why it is essential dogs with these inherited traits receive extra socialization from birth through at least 3 years of age. 
If this does not occur, no fear, there is still hope! Daisy suggests having your dog socialize with the help of a qualified dog trainer or veterinary behaviorist. Speak with your vet at The Bregman Vet Group to see which options are best for your dog.
In addition, medication can sometimes help ease the anxiety that accompanies stressful events, which, if necessary, can be prescribed byThe Bregman Vet Group.
The second concern, perineal urethrostomy, is a successful surgical procedure that is used to bypass the penile uretha in male cats when a disease such as a stricture, stone or tumor is preventing urination. It is most commonly performed on male cats that have had more than one urinary blockage.
According to Christopher Cat, perineal urethrostomy is very effective at preventing re-obstruction in male cats. To prevent recurrences, The Bregman Vet Group will do a PU, shortening and widening the urethra, making it easier and more comfortable to pass urine. A recent study followed 59 cats for four years after PU, and not one re-blocked. 
If you are concerned that your pet is suffering from fear or a urinary blockage, schedule an appointment with The Bregman Vet Group today. Contact information and vet locations can be found at www.BregmanVetGroup.com.

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