February 20th: Love Your Pet Day!

February 20th
is National Love Your Pet Day! While we all show our pets daily how much we
love them, sometimes it’s nice to take a day to celebrate them. Moreover, it’s
important that pets feel that we love them, as this contributes to a healthy,
happy and stress free four-legged friend. If you’re looking for someone to
spoil and you aren’t too fond of Valentine’s Day, we have some tips on how you
can show your furry friend some extra affection. Keep reading to find out more!
Get Out and About:
Taking your dog to
their favorite dog park or a walking route they enjoy is a great way to show
them some extra love. While they can benefit from the exercise (as will you),
they’ll also get to be outside and enjoy walking a route or spending time in
their favorite park which is a significant mood enhancer. Taking a solid chunk
of your day to plan around your pet – even if it is just for today while you
have the time to do so, shows them how much you love them.
Plan a Playdate:
Because National
Love Your Pet Day is in February, we recognize that not everyone can get
outside as temperatures remain cool. Additionally, for your cat lovers, we
realize (unless you have an outdoor cat), you won’t be taking your feline to
the dog park anytime soon. However, this shouldn’t stop you from making the day
extra special for your furry friend. If you pet enjoys socializing with your
neighbor’s animal or other animals in general, we encourage you to take the
time to set up a playdate. There are several meet-up groups online that you can
look at so that your pet can get out and socialize!
Reward Them:
If your pet loves
playing fetch or rolling in catnip, let them do so for a little longer. There’s
nothing better than a happy pet, so feel free to give them an extra treat or
break up the treat to make it last longer. If your dog or cat has a favorite
toy, consider taking them on a trip to the pet store to look for something new
but similar for added play time! Also, if your pet’s bed is looking rugged or
beaten up, consider taking today to get a new one that provides comfort and a
place for your pet to hang when they aren’t curled up next to you.
Make their Health a Priority:
This may not sound
like a way to spoil your pet, but as their caretaker, it should be your top
priority to ensure their health is in tip top shape. If your pet hasn’t been in
for a checkup recently or you notice something is off,
us a call
and schedule an
appointment. Trust us, your pet will thank you later!
The reality is, your
pet is going to love you regardless, but it’s nice to show them a little extra
love every once in a while, not to mention it’s been proven that having a pet
makes us happier people with lower blood pressure!  

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