Feline House-Soiling- Useful Information for Cat Owners

The American Association of Feline Practitioners hosts a website called CatVets.com, which provides a ton of great information for cat owners and veterinarians.  Their mission is to improve the health and welfare of cats by supporting high standards of practice, continuing education, and scientific investigation.

We are attaching a brochure that they recently published on house soiling.  Many cat owners will abandon or relinquish their cats if they urinate or deficate outside of their box, and those cats will end up in shelters where they are often euthanized.  This brochure helps cat owners understand why their cats may be doing this, and gives tips on how they can prevent house-soiling.

Some of the highlights of this brochure-

The Four Basic Causes of House-Soiling-
– Environmental and Social Factors
– Marking Behavior
– Medical Causes and Problems
– Feline Idiopathic Cystitis

Designing the Optimal Litter Box
– Number of Boxes
– Location
– Size
– Litter
– Managing the Litter Box

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