Five Ways to Keep Your Cat Happy Indoors



We all know what it is like to experience crazy heat during summer months and love the feeling of stepping into a cool building to escape the heat. Similar to how heading inside to a nice, air-conditioned house feels good to us, pets love that feeling also, especially those with lots of hair or fur. Cats especially like to head to their favorite corner of your home to escape the heat and enjoy their cozy nooks that they gravitate towards. 


While most cats find ways to entertain themselves indoors, lethargic cats will need a little coaxing in order to keep them stimulated and provided with the exercise they need. Keeping your cat happy and healthy while indoors is important and we put together a few tips and tricks to help you do just that!


Keep your cat busy with some fun toys


Long days inside can make anyone a little stir crazy. Help your cat get out their excess energy by providing some great cat toys like mice, feathers, laser pointers, and more. These will help keep your kitten engaged and active while inside and can be a fun bonding activity for you both. Keep in mind that some of the best toys embrace your cats’ natural instincts like pouncing, stalking, and chasing and can keep them occupied for hours.


Set up a cozy spot by a window


Just because your cat is in the house doesn’t mean they don’t like to watch the excitement outside. Consider setting up a comfortable perch by a window or padded windowsill that they can relax in and watch the beautiful neighborhood in full swing outside. Not only will your cat enjoy the view, but you may be surprised to see how much they love lounging in the sun.


Consider investing in a cat tree


These awesome climbing trees (sometimes called “kitty condos”) are great for cats that like to climb. With models ranging from single tree limbs to full blown playgrounds with dozens of perches, they can be a huge hit, especially for indoor cats. So many cats have a natural interest in heights and these play trees are ideal for adventurous felines.


Build a “Catio” near your home


If your cat is itching to get outside but you’re too anxious to allow them to roam freely, you may want to consider building a “catio”. These enclosed structures are easy to install and are ideal to set up on a patio / deck or in your yard so you can allow your furry friend to enjoy some fresh air without any dangers associated with the outdoors. 


Be mindful when adding another cat to the family

Cats love social interaction and need plenty of exercise and stimulation so finding ways to keep them active while indoors is key to them leaving happy and healthy lives. Because cats can be extremely playful, many families choose to adopt more furry friends and build their family of pets. If you’re considering bringing another cat into the house it is important that you do your research and ensure you are introducing them in a way that is both safe and comfortable. Keep in mind that older cats may be less likely to embrace the change, so consider adding a new cat to the mix when yours is a kitten or a younger age. While introducing a new cat or kitten to your feline family member may seem a bit daunting, depending on the needs of your cat, the companionship might be just what they need.


Many people who adopt cats are surprised to learn that keeping your cat indoors or guarded and supervised outdoors is important to their safety as well as your own. In fact, the AVMA states that keeping owned cats confined, such as housing them in an enriched indoor environment, in an indoor enclosure, or exercising leash-acclimated cats, can minimize the risks to the cat, wildlife, humans, and the environment. If you have any additional questions related to keeping your cat healthy, safe, and active indoors, schedule your next vet appointment at the Bregman Veterinary Group today!

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