Get Rid of Your Pet’s Fleas

Fleas are every pet owner’s worst nightmare. These tips will help you manage your pup’s fleas and help rid the infestation from your home.

How to Get Rid of Fleas At Home:

1. Treat Your Pet – The first thing you should do is bring your pet to the vet to be treated for fleas. If you have multiple pets, make sure that you treat all of your pets, as fleas can leap from one pet to another.

2. Vacuum Your Home – Vacuum more than just your carpets. Be sure to vacuum the rugs, your pet’s bedding and any other area that your pet spends time. Vacuuming helps eliminate any flea eggs that may have been laid around the house. You should also be conscious to throw the bag away immediately after vacuuming.

3. Wash the Bedding – Wash your pet’s bedding to remove any eggs that might be hiding. You should also wash your own sheets if your pet is known to curl up with you in your own bed!

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