Habits Your Dog Might Not Approve Of


We love to treat our
pets like one of the family.  However,
there are a lot differences between the things that we like and the things our
pets like.  Here are a few common habits
that might be annoying to your pet.
Things Your Dog Doesn’t
  • Language – We love to talk to our
    pets, but the truth is they don’t understand the majority of what we are
      While they may understand a few
    key words, they rely heavily on understanding our body language.
      Instead of using words, use body language to
    communicate with your pup.
  • Hugs – Hugs are a common way to
    express support, love, and happiness.
    However, many dogs view the act of hugging as you exerting your
      While some dogs tolerate it,
    others may feel threatened.
  • Head Patting – Dogs prefer to be
    gently rubbed on their back or rear near the tail.
      If you notice your dog leaning away slightly
    when you reach for their face, it’s likely they don’t enjoy it.
  • Eye Contact – Eye contact can be a
    powerful way to establish dominance.
    Even if you are smiling, a dog may consider eye contact to be a sign of
    dominance or aggression.

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