Halloween Safety

Trick or Treat! Halloween is a fun time for families, especially when you involve the family pet in the costume designs! However, just as fun as it can be for everyone, it can also prove to be a very dangerous time for your pet when it comes to candy. 

Help ensure a safe Halloween for you and your pet by following these guidelines. 

  1. Don’t feed pets Halloween candy, especially if it contains chocolate or xylitol (a common sugar substitute found in sugar-free candies and gum).
  2. Make sure your pet is properly identified (collar, ID tag, and microchip) just in case they make a dash out the door as you’re distracted by trick-or-treaters.
  3. If your pet is wary of strangers or tends to nip/bite, put them in separate room during trick-or-treating hours or provide him/her with a safe hiding place.
  4. Ensure Jack-o-lanterns and lit candles stay out of reach of your pets. 
  5. If you decide you want to put a costume on your pet, make sure of a few things including 
    • Proper fit and comfort.
    • It doesn’t have pieces that can easily be chewed off.
    • doesn’t interfere with your pet’s breathing, hearing, sight, opening its mouth, or movement. 
    • Get your pet accustomed to the costume before Halloween.
    • NEVER leave your pet unsupervised while wearing a costume.
  6. Glow sticks/ jewelry should be kept away from pets. The liquid in these products may be non-toxic, however the taste is very bad and can make pets salivate excessively and act strangely.

Have a Spooktacular and safe Halloween this year! 

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