Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Pet

During the
holiday season it’s especially tempting to buy presents for those you care
about – including your pets. After all, pets are part of your family, too. But
it’s important to remember that your pet doesn’t know that it’s a holiday and
won’t feel left out if they don’t have a gift of their own. All they really
care about is being healthy, safe, and loved by you. So this year, instead of
spending money on toys and special treats, consider investing in
these gifts that will truly enhance your
pet’s quality of life.
Quality Food
Rather than
an occasional present of tempting treats, try investing in a
high-quality pet food that meets the particular dietary needs of your
pet every day. Just as the dietary requirements of humans vary from person to
person and with age and individual health concerns, your pet’s dietary
requirements change over time. And most pets get excited when they have a new
food to tempt them. If you’re uncertain of exactly what the best pet food
option is, consider consulting with your veterinarian.
& Play
time with your pet is the best way to keep them healthy and happy. Taking both
dogs and cats for walks can be a great way for you and your companion to get
much-needed exercise. And spending time each day engaged in play with your pet
helps to strengthen your bond and keep them from becoming bored – and
potentially destructive. Whether it’s fetch and tug of war with your dog or
teaser and chase games with your cat, you’ll enjoy and benefit from the time
together as much as they will.
ticks, heartworms, and other parasites can be a year-round concern – even if
your pet stays indoors. Most people forget that they bring in bacteria, viruses
and other potentially harmful creatures on their clothes and shoes every day.
And if you have an indoor cat but an outdoor dog, you run the risk of having
harmful parasites pass from one to the other. Investing in
effective preventive medications and making sure to give them
to your pet regularly can keep them from getting sick. After all, illness is
far more costly than prevention – and makes you as miserable as your pet.
Veterinary Care
The best way
to keep your pet healthy is by catching any concerns as early as possible.
Regular veterinary appointments allow your vet to make sure your pet is at
their best and give them a chance to pick up on potential issues before they
become major health concerns. If your pet is overdue for a check-up or
vaccination, nothing will make a bigger difference to them than that
all-important trip to the vet.
If your pet is due for a check-up, vaccination or you’d like
a professional recommendation on the best food for their current age and stage of
life, contact
Bregman Veterinary Group to schedule
your appointment today. Your pet will thank you for it – hopefully for years to

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