Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats for Your Cat


What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than with the real love of your life – your cat!  Here are a few healthy Valentine’s Day treats that will show your pet how much you care.

Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats:

  • Baked Tuna Hearts – Canned tuna can be baked into small hearts.  Put them in the oven until warm for a special Valentine’s Day treat.  You can even add a little catnip!  Just remember, these treats should be ingested in limited quantities.  Large amounts of at and sugar can give your pet an upset stomach.
  • Mashed Frozen Banana – This is a great, healthy ice cream alternative for your cat.  Slice the banana first, then freeze it.  You can use a food processor or a spoon to mash it.
  • Heart-Shaped Melon SlicesFresh cantaloupe or water melon (without the seeds) is a great healthy treat for snacks.  The colors are great for Valentine’s Day, too!
  • Carob-Dipped Strawberries – We know that chocolate is a no-no when it comes to your pets.  Fortunately, carob is a safe chocolate alternative.  Melt down some carob chips and dip strawberries into them for a “chocolate”-covered strawberry alternative.
  • Grilled Salmon – Grilled pink (for Valentine’s Day) salmon is healthy and fishy.  It’s a treat your cat will love!

Check out this article for more Valentine‘s Day treat ideas.  You can also contact our office if you have any questions about what your pet should or should not eat. 

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