Heartworm Concerns Rise With Warm Weather Approaching

Ahhh…who doesn’t love the summer?
The golden sunshine, the beach, pool and vacations! There’s not too much to
worry about in the summer. However, when it comes to your pets, you should be
concerned about them getting heartworm disease, which could cause major
Mosquitoes are a significant
health risk to our pets, as they can carry the potentially deadly parasitic
disease. When mosquitoes take a blood meal from an animal that is infected with
heartworms, they can pass that on to your pets. Once your pet is injected, it
takes about six months to them to mature into adult heartworms. They live
within blood vessels of the lungs and could cause breathing problems.
If you sense that your dog is having
difficulty breathing or seems to be losing weight, take them to your nearest
Bregman Vet Group Location. A simple blood test could detect if they have this disease. 
Medicine can treat heartworm
disease. Although they are expensive, they can also be very hard on your dog.
Some dogs need to be resting in a cage for weeks during the treatment and there
is always a risk for complications, which could include sudden death. Cats
respond differently and will often develop serious complications in response to
the dying heartworms. There is no approved medication for the treatment of
heartworm disease in cats in the US and most infected cats are simply provided
with supportive and symptomatic care (wane.com).
Heartworm prevention is important
and inexpensive for your pet to avoid any serious complications from
happening. You should be proactive in preventing this instead of being passive
and catching this before it’s too late.
Contact one of the well-respected
doctors at the Bregman Vet Group and they can talk to you in more detail if
you have any concerns about the heartworm disease.

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