Help Find Homes for Sandy Pets!

Superstorm Sandy created havoc on much
of New York and New Jersey in late October. 
This devastating storm left many homeless and forced people and pets
into shelters.  Many animals were
separated from their families and still are waiting to be reunited or in need
of a new home. 

Many residents from towns like Long Beach, Oceanside and Island
Park are still without homes and don’t have a place to bring their pets home
to. A shelter volunteer, Tracy Rahvers, told WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief
Mike Xirinachs “Not only are they paying a monthly mortgage, now they have to
find a place where they have to pay rent. 
So, now they have that and they’re still trying to figure out how
they’re going to have the means to take care of themselves and/or children and
also their pet.” 

The Bregman Vet group would like to
help get the word out about these animals that are in need of a home! 
We encourage anyone interested in fostering
one of these pets in need, more than 100 of them, to contact Nassau Emergency
Pet Shelter at 516-272-0017 or  You can also visit the Mitchell Field
Gymnasium on Miller Avenue in Garden City! 

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