Helping Pets Cope with Thunderstorms

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Do thunderstorms cause
your pet anxiety?  Your pet is not alone.  Many animals are afraid of the loud roar of
thunder.  Fortunately, there are ways to
help your pet cope with this fear and stay calm during a storm.
Calming Tips:
  • Quiet Hideaway – Make sure that your
    pet has access to a quiet place where he or she can go to hide.
      If possible, try to block out the lightening
    and cover up the sound of the thunder.
  • Stay Distracted – Sometimes playing
    a game or distracting your pet with their favorite toy can keep them at ease.
  • Conditioning Behavior – Behavior modification
    can desensitize your pet to the sound of a storm.
      Try playing recordings in short intervals for

If you are still having
trouble keeping your pet calm during a thunderstorm, visit our office.  The experienced Veterinarians at Bregman Vet
Group can help you determine the best possible coping method for your pet.  You can also read this article
to learn more.

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