Here’s To You, Bonnie.

We recently received this letter from a client that we wanted to share. Notes like this are what makes what we do worthwhile. Thank you to Gerry and Bob Durso for your kind words. 

Dear Doctor Bregman and Staff of the Cat Hospital,

Just wanted to let you know how grateful we are to have had your
expertise in extending Bonnie’s life.

In 2002, after she recovered from kidney failure, you said that it
would be impossible to predict how much longer she would live.  The
eleven additional years we had her with us were quite a bonus.

Bonnie was the sweetest cat, the most patient and the most eager to do
what was needed. Though she did have a good bit of mischief
in her when she was young, there was no meanness or anger in her.  She
was the compromiser in our group, always waiting for the food or water
dish until someone else was finished. She loved snuggling and sleeping on
our stomachs and/or chests, and her mastery of the English language,
especially the word :”Hello” is something we will never forget.  Wish
we could hear her once more from the top of the basement stairs as she
tried to gain entry to the family room for some snuggling and treats.

As you can probably tell, we already miss her terribly, but we are
grateful for the extra time we had with her which you made possible.

Also, thanks for the beautiful flowers.  Like Bonnie, they are
bright and cheerful.

Gerry and Bob Durso

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