Holiday Plants: Naughty or Nice?


Before you decorate for the holidays with festive flowers and plants, keep your pets in mind!  Not all holiday plants make the “nice” list.  Here are a few plants you should keep away from your pets.

The “Naughty” List:

  • Poinsettias This is a popular holiday plant, but it’s also irritating to your pet’s stomach if ingested.  In most cases, your pet might have an upset stomach with mild vomiting.  
  • Mistletoe – If you’re looking to find someone under the mistletoe this year, make sure that it’s not your pet!  Even a small amount of mistletoe can severely upset your pet’s stomach.  If they ingest a lot of it, the plant can even be lethal.  
  • Christmas Tree Water – If you have a real Christmas tree in your home, make sure that any water you use for your tree is not accessible to your pet.  Many times, the chemicals in the water are toxic.  Be sure to check to see if yours is pet-safe.
  • Holly – Holly is toxic to pets and the spiny leaves can lead to mechanical injuries as well.  If your cat or dog ingests holly, be sure to give us a call.
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