How Can You Minimize Barking At Home?


Does your pet bark loudly when people pass by your house?  Although barking is normal behavior for most dogs, it’s also one of the most common complaints among pet owners.  Here are a few tips to help you manage barking at home.

Tips to Prevent Barking:

  • Don’t Reward Barking – Giving your dog attention or allowing the barking to be successful can be considered a reward for their behavior.  Don’t give your pet attention ntil they are quiet or calm.
  • Change the Environment – Many pets bark in the yard or at people passing by.  Leave your pets inside the house or in a place where they cannot see people through the fence.
  • Reduce Departure Anxiety – Establish a  predictable routine that allows you to spend plenty of quality time with your pet, but also allows for alone time.  
  • Training – Teaching your dog a quiet or settle command can help reinforce quiet behavior. 
Read this article for more tips on how to manage your pet’s barking.  If you are still experiencing problems, contact our office.  We can help provide you with tips on how to limit barking, keeping you and your pet happy.

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