How Do You Cat-Proof Your Home?

Are you thinking about bringing a new pet cat into your
home? If so, you must be sure to “cat proof” your home! When purchasing a new
pet, your first concern should be your pet’s safety in and out of the home.
Cats, just like many other pets, will eat almost anything
they can get their hands on and play with a lot of household items that can be
dangerous to their health.

Some of the most common items swallowed by cats are
strings, yarn, dental floss, elastics and needle and thread. These items can do
serious harm and damage to your cat and sometimes can even lead to fatal

In case of an accident or emergency, you should always
have a first-aid kit set up for your cat if you can’t get to your veterinarians
office immediately.

How do you cat-proof your home? Do you have any tips for
bringing home a new pet? Let us know on our Facebook page, linked HERE

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