How to Care for Your Cat’s Litter Box

A litter box should be a
safe and easy to access place for your cat. 
However, both new and experienced cat owners are often confused about
what to do when it comes to the litter box. 
Here are a few tips that address the most frequently asked
about litter box care.
Litter Box Tips:
  • Teaching Your New Cat – Teach your
    new kitty how to use the litter box by introducing the cat to the box every
    morning and after meals and playtime.
  • How Many Litter Boxes – You should
    have one litter box per cat in your house.
    This provides enough places for your cats to go.  Put the litter boxes somewhere that gives
    your cat privacy, but is also conveniently located.
  • Choosing a Material – If you have a
    kitten or you are concerned about your cat eating its litter, biodegradable
    litter is a safe and eco-friendly option. Clay and silica-based litters are
    good for cats that are at least 3-4 months old.
  • Cleaning
    the Litter Box-
    You should scoop your cat’s litter box once a day to
    keep the area free of germs and clean out the full litter box twice a month.
      Cat owners can also use baking soda to
    refresh the litter box and reduce odor.
  • Picking a Size – Your cat’s litter
    box should be at least one and a half times the length of the cat.
      If you’re not sure, pick the bigger litter

Cat owners can learn
more litter box care tips here

If you find that your
cat is spending too much time in the litter box, it could be a sign that
something is not right with your pet.  Contact our office if you see your cat
exhibiting this strange behavior.  Our
experienced vets can also offer advice about choosing the best litter box for
your pet.

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