How to Celebrate a Pet-Friendly Holiday Season


Will you be decorating your home for the holidays?  Make sure that your festive decorations are pet-friendly!  Here are a few holiday pet hazards to avoid.

Holiday Hazards:

  • Tinsel – Sparkly tinsel and ribbons can attract your pet.  If you pet ingests these colorful decorations, they can get stuck in their digestive tract and may need surgery.  Keep these decorations out-of-reach of your pet.
  • Mistletoe – Mistletoe is a common holiday decoration.  However, it can be toxic to pets.  If you want to decorate your home with mistletoe, just make sure it’s in a place your pet can’t reach it.
  • Poinsettias – This holiday plant is also toxic to your pets when eaten.  
  • Holiday Candles – Keep any candles high enough up where your pet cannot accidentally knock them over.
  • Leftovers – It can be difficult to avoid giving your pet holiday left overs.  However, certain holiday foods can leave them with an upset stomach.  Be sure to avoid toxic ingredients like chocolate and other sweets!
  • Christmas Tree – Do you have a live Christmas tree?  Make sure to not add fertilizer to the tree water.  If your cat or dog drinks the water, it can upset their stomach.  You should also make sure that glass ornaments are placed high where your cat cannot reach or break them.
For more tips on how to celebrate a pet-friendly holiday season, check out this article.  Remember to contact our office with any questions you have through the holidays.

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