How to Celebrate a Pet-Friendly Super Bowl Sunday


Are you ready for Super Bowl Sunday?  As you start to prep for game day – stocking up on snacks, and inviting over friends and family – don’t forget about your furry friends!  You can include your pet in your super bowl festivities, too!

Follow these tips for a pet-friendly super bowl celebration.

Pet-Friendly Super Bowl Tips:

Make sure they feel safe.  With all of the yelling that goes on during a football game, pets can become nervous and scared.  Make sure that they have a safe place that they can go to while the game is on to get away from the commotion.

Help them feel included.  Try making a pet-friendly super bowl treat!  While you snack on traditional wings and dip, your dog can try this football treat.  Try this recipe for football shaped dog biscuits.

Keep your snacks out of reach.  Many of the foods that we love are toxic for our pets.  Onions, grapes, alcohol, chocolate, guacamole, and other ingredients that are commonly found in super bowl snacks are toxic.  If your dog or cat tends to climb up on your furniture, make sure that your food is safely out of their reach.  You should also be careful of any crumbs and foods that are dropped on the floor!

If you have any questions about your pet’s health or your pet ingests something they shouldn’t this Sunday, give one of our hospitals a call.  We’re here to help your pet stay happy and healthy!

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