How to Celebrate Halloween Safely with Your Pets


Do you have your Halloween costumes ready for this weekend?   If you plan on dressing up your pet as part of the Halloween festivities, there are a few safety tips that you should keep in mind.

Costume Safety Tips:

  • Watch for Signs of Stress – When you put a costume on your pet for Halloween, check to see if your pet looks impatient or annoyed.  If your pet is unhappy with the costume or appears stressed, take it off so that they can enjoy the day comfortably.
  • Make Sure They Can Move Freely – Some pet costumes can limit movement.  Make sure that your pet is able to move freely, and that the costume doesn’t inhibit their heating, sight, or ability to breathe.
  • Keep ID Tags Displayed – Always make sure that your cat or dog is wearing proper identification.  If your pet is wearing a costume, make sure that you don’t remove their tags.  Halloween is unfortunately a holiday where many cats and dogs can become confused with the doors opening and closing for trick-or-treaters.
  • Beware of Choking Hazards – Many costumes have little parts that can cause issues if they become stuck.  Keep ribbons, frills and bows away from your pets and keep an eye out for potential choking hazards.

Check out this article for more costume safety tips.  You can also contact our offices with any questions you have about how to keep your pet healthy and safe this Halloween.  Reach one of our Brooklyn or Long Island offices below:

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