How to Create a Pet-Friendly Garden


Have you started to think about your spring garden?  Before you head out to buy your flowers, shrubs and vegetable seeds, here are a few tips to help make your garden pet-friendly!

Pet-Friendly Gardening Tips:

  • Avoid Toxic Plants – Certain plants might appear to be beautiful, but they can be toxic to your furry friends.  Azaleas, Ivy, and many types of Lilies are toxic to both cats and dogs.  Check to make sure your garden plans don’t include any dangerous plants before you head outdoors.
  • Choose Sturdy Plants – Plant sturdy perennial grasses or dense edging plants as a buffer zone between your dogs’ play area and your flower garden!
  • Be Conscious of Your Mulch – Choose your mulch carefully.  Certain types of mulch can be toxic to pets if ingested.  Choose root mulch, wood bark or gravel that is non toxic and easier on tiny paws.
  • Fence in Your Garden – Keep your pets and your garden safe by putting a fence around your garden.  Then, your pets will be able to roam free and you don’t have to worry about them getting into your vegetable garden!

Check out this article from Gardenista for more pet-friendly gardening tips.

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