How to Create the Best Environment for Your Cat’s Health


As pet parents, we want to provide our feline friends with the best possible life.  These tips will help you create the perfect environment for your cat’s overall health.

Cat Care Tips:

  • Keep Kittens with Their Family – If you are adopting a young kitten, let your new pet stay with their family until they are 12 weeks old.  This will give your kitten time to form bonds and socialize with their litter.  This socialization helps your kitten adjust to noises, odors, foods, litter, etc.  Early exposure builds familiarity.
  • Offer Variety in Routine – Routines provide comfort.  However, you should provide your cat with some variation to their daily routines.  This will help them slowly adjust to change and will help your pet become better at adapting.  Try placing food in different bowls or locations throughout the house as a small variation to their day.
  • Allow for Playtime – Cats love to play.  Since they are true carnivores, they love to pounce on toys.  Invest in toys that are clean and inexpensive (to allow for frequent replacement).
  • Give Them Space – Cats like to seek hiding places.  Depending on your cat’s unique personality, this place may be up high or down low.  

Interested in learning more about how you can enrich your cat’s life? Check out this article from Psychology Today. You can also contact any of our offices for more information on how to provide your cat with a happy and healthy life.

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