How to Handle an Injured Pet


Unfortunately, accidents happen.  While no pet parent wants their furry friend to become injured, it’s important that we understand how to handle emergency situations.  These tips will help make sure that you and your pet are safe

Tips for Handling an Injured Pet:

  • Remember That They’re Scared – Even a gentle pet will be scared and confused if they are in pain.  Remember that you need to be careful when handling your pet to avoid getting bitten or scratched.  
  • Give Us A Call – Give one of our offices a call.  We can help you with any questions you have about the best way to bring your pet into the office.
  • Know When to Muzzle – Using a muzzle on your pet will reduce your chance of being bitten, but you should never muzzle your pet if they are vomiting.  Cats can be wrapped in a towel.
  • Transport Them in a Confined Area – When transporting an injured pet, you want to keep them in a confined area.  This will help reduce the risk of additional injury while you bring them into the hospital.  You can use a pet carrier, or if you have a larger pet you can use a board, blanket or something similar to act as a stretcher.
The American Medical Veterinary Association offers additional tips on how to handle an injured pet.  You can also contact any of our offices with questions that you have about how to care for your pet.

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