How to Help Reduce Your Cat’s Anxiety


Cats love to have places to hide and spend time alone, however excessive hiding and trembling can be a sign of anxiety.  If you notice that your pet is exhibiting anxious behavior, here are a few tips to help keep your cat calm.

Tips to Reduce Anxiety:

  • Offer An Enriched Environment – Make your home more reminiscent of the outdoors.  Install a fish tank or hang a bird feeder outside of the window.  This can help your cat feel more comfortable at home.
  • Give Them Toys – Toys don’t have to be complex.  Even an empty paper bag can be entertaining for your cat.  You can also give them a wand toy that they can pounce on and hunt.
  • Switch Their Food – Cats are natural hunters.  Try to mimic that during their meals!  You can switch their food bowl to a puzzle feeder that dispenses kibble when it is batted about.
  • Don’t Over Pet – We love to spend time with our cats and pet them when we’re allowed, but many cats don’t like to be petted.

Read more about how to cure and prevent cat anxiety here.  If you are concerned about your cat’s behavior and are looking to make your home a more comfortable place for you and your pet, visit on of our offices!  Our professional veterinarians can provide you with tips and advice to help reduce stress and help your cat live a happy and healthy life.

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