How to Introduce Kids to Your Dog


While dogs are a loving part of our families, it’s important that young children understand how to interact with them safely.  Even a gentle pet can bite if provoked.  Since it’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week, here are a few tips to help kids interact safely with pets.

Preventing Dog Bites:

  • Avoid Dress Up – While kids love to play dress up, many dogs do not.  Try to discourage kids from dressing up your pet.
  • Understand Body Language – Young children can have a hard time understanding a dog’s body language.  Teach younger children to be gentle and as they get older teach them to understand different signs of a dog’s behavior.
  • Know When to Leave Them Alone – Dogs should be left alone when eating and when they are asleep.  There should be places that your pet feels safe.  When you catch your pet by surprise, they might accidentally bite out of defense.
Read more about Dog Bite Prevention Week and how you can teach kids to understand the importance of respecting dogs and avoiding bites on the American Medical Veterinary Association website.

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