How to Keep Pets Healthy Through Winter Storms

It has been a cold week.  Now that we have our first real winter storm on it’s way this weekend,  pet owners should make sure that they are prepared.  It’s important that we know how to keep our pets safe and warm!

These tips will help keep your pets healthy on cold days and keep them protected against winter dangers.  

Cold Weather Safety Tips:

Wipe Down Their Paws
If your pet will be spending any time outdoors this winter, be sure to check their paws when they come back inside.  They may pick up deicers or antifreeze on the bottom of their feet.  Wiping down their paws will help keep your pet from licking these toxic chemicals when they come back indoors.

Keep Pets Inside
Even outdoor pets should come inside on particularly cold days.  Although longer-haired dog breeds are more tolerant of colder weather, pets shouldn’t be left outside for long periods of time in below-freezing weather.

Know Their Limits
Cold tolerance varies from pet to pet.  Be aware of your dog or cat’s cold tolerance.  While long-haired, thick-coated dogs tend to be more cold tolerant, they are still at risk in cold weather.  Keep your pet’s coat, health issues (diabetes, kidney disease, etc.), and age in mind when considering their temperature limits.

Stock Up on Supplies
If you know that a snow storm is coming, don’t forget about your pets!  Make sure that you have enough food, water and medicine to get through the snow storm.

Schedule a Wellness Exam
Many health problems, like arthritis, can be exacerbated by colder weather.  Pet owners should schedule preventative wellness exams once a year.  Doing so in the winter is a good way to make sure that your pet is as healthy as possible for the cold weather.

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