How to Keep Your Pet Safe During the Holidays

The holidays
are a busy and exciting time, and it’s easy to forget how dangerous some of our
favorite holiday traditions can be for our pets. This holiday season, take care
to protect your precious animals. Avoid an unwelcome trip to your vet by
following these simple
holiday safety steps.
Keep Human
Holiday Treats Away
It’s natural
to want your pet to share in the holiday spirit with special treats – but make
sure to give them pet treats, not human foods. While it may seem like “just a
taste” is safe, it’s simply not worth
the risk to your pet’s health.
1.    Chocolate can be toxic for both cats and dogs, and even if
your pet has safely ingested this treat before, that’s no guarantee that they
won’t have a serious – and even life-threatening – reaction this time.
2.    Candy and bakery items are too rich for your pet’s delicate digestive
system. Even more concerning is the fact that a common sweetener found in many
of these foods, xylitol, can cause liver failure and even death in dogs.
3.    That delicious turkey (and its skin) may seem like a safe bet, but even
in small amounts it has been linked to life-threatening pancreatitis in pets.
Don’t risk giving dogs or cats even a bite.
4.    Common holiday ingredients including grapes, raisins and
even onions can actually be poisonous to your precious pets. Err on the side of
caution and don’t share.
5.    If it’s human food, the leftovers shouldn’t go to the dogs – or the cats.
Any table scraps always run a risk of causing pancreatitis and other serious problems
for animals.
6.    That delicious yeasty dough? Make sure the only way your
pets enjoy it is by smell. Dough made with yeast has been known to cause not
only painful gas, but potentially dangerous bloating.
Keep Holiday
Decorations Out of Reach
You may feel
confident that your pet won’t damage your treasured holiday decorations, but
the real danger lies in the potential for them to ingest something that can
send you on an emergency trip to the vet – or even end in the devastating loss
of your beloved companion.
1.    Holiday plants range in their danger from mildly irritating to
life-threatening for pets who ingest them. Holly, poinsettia, mistletoe, amaryllis,
balsam, pine, and cedar are among the likely culprits that may cause anything
from vomiting to life-threatening reactions.
2.    Live Christmas trees pose a hidden risk for pets. All those tricks for
extending your tree’s beauty by adding aspirin, sugar or special additives to
the water can pose a serious danger to your pet if they decide to drink some.
3.    Holiday ornaments cause pet injuries far more often than you might
think. Whether it’s a cut from a broken treasure or an intestinal blockage from
eating tinsel or precious ornaments made by a favorite child, you need to make
sure delicate and potentially dangerous decorations are kept out of reach.
If your pet does happen to have a holiday mishap – from
eating something they shouldn’t have, to chewing on a power cord and ending up
with a burn – a qualified vet can help. Contact us at
Bregman Veterinary Group for more
information or to schedule an appointment. Have a safe and happy holiday

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