How to Keep Your Pets Safe During a Blizzard


The snow is starting to accumulate – are you ready for the blizzard?  Make sure your pets are ready too.

These tips will help keep your pets safe and make sure you’re prepared for the storm.  Stay safe and warm today!

Blizzard Safety Tips:

  • Stay Indoors – You should always try to keep your pets indoors during the winter months.  Limit time outside to brief bathroom trips for the duration of the storm.
  • Keep Your Pet Dry – After your pet goes outside to the bathroom, towel dry them when they come inside.  
  • Keep Antifreeze Out-Of-Reach – Antifreeze is a deadly poison to both cats and dogs.  Make sure you wipe up any spills an store antifreeze in a place where your pet cannot reach it. 
  • Wipe Their Paws – Salt and other de-icing chemicals can irritate your pet’s paws.  Wipe them down with a damp towel to keep your pet from licking the chemicals off of their feet and irritating their mouth.
ABC News offers tips on how to keep your pets safe through the storm tonight and tomorrow.  

We hope everyone stays safe and warm!  Contact our office if you have any questions about how to care for your pet on cold days.

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