How to Manage Pet Allergies as the Seasons Change

For Those Of Us who
Suffer From Pet Allergies, There’s Hope
As the
seasons change, and the warm weather approaches, your pets will shed until the
cows come home. Pet dander will litter your home and clothes, but that doesn’t
mean you have to suffer through pet allergies. Just look at these quick tips to
help survive allergy season.
You Shall Not Pass!
starters, make your bedroom a pet-free zone. Keep dander away from where you
get your beauty rest!
Buy a HEPA Filter
(high-efficiency particulate arresting) filters possess fine sieves and catch
small allergens, removing unwanted particles and allergens from the air.
Break out the Vacuum and Duster
build up quick, especially in the spring/summer months. Vacuuming frequently,
dusting tables, shelves and doorways is a surefire way to reduce your
If you’re
finding that, despite your best efforts, nothing seems to be working, perhaps
medication or an allergy shot is the best bet. Over-the-counter allergy
medications, such as antihistamines, relieve mild allergy symptoms: nasal
congestion and itchy eyes. Of course, always consult your primary care
physician before considering over-the-counter medications.
Vaccinate Me, Doc
shots, or allergy vaccines, will help your body develop protective antibodies
so you won’t have an allergic reaction when exposed to allergens. The only
issue? There’s a good deal of time needed before you see dramatic results. It
can take upwards of 5 years’ worth of injections before you’re completely

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