How to Own a Pet Even Though You Have Allergies

Allergies are tough.  Itchy, watery eyes and congestion can be hard on any pet lover.  If you or a family member suffers from pet-related allergies, there are ways to help make breathing easy.  With a few changes to your home, you can enjoy sharing your home with your furry friend.

How to Reduce Allergens at Home:

  • Vacuum Often – Dander and saliva can trigger allergic reactions.  Have tile or wood floors in your home when possible, and vacuum surfaces frequently.  This will help keep dander from coming into contact with you.
  • Install An Air Purifier – Air filters help remove allergens from the air. You and your family will be able to breathe a little bit easier.
  • Wash Your Pet Regularly – Give your pet a bath regularly.  If you bath your pet once a week, not only will the feel cleaner, they’ll also be less prone to leaving dander around your home.  Just make sure that you use a safe shampoo that won’t dry out your pet’s skin.
  • Use Washable Pet Bedding – Just as you wash the sheets on your own bed, you should wash your pet’s bedding.  This will help keep allergens out of the cloth and help reduce allergy symptoms.
Still not sure how to reduce allergens and live happily with your pet?  Our experienced veterinarians can help you determine ways to live with your pet without putting your health at risk.  Contact our office to schedule an appointment for your pet.

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