How to Prep Your Home for a New Puppy

Bringing home your new furry friend is an exciting adventure for you and the whole family. As you prepare for many years of happy moments and snuggles, it’s also important to prepare your home for a smooth transition for everyone. From puppy-proofing your space and designating a haven for your new pup to getting the right supplies and preparing a routine, here are some of the best ways to prep your home for a new puppy.

Puppy-proof your home

Puppies are famous for getting themselves into trouble very fast because of their curious nature and boundless energy. The best way to protect your dog and your home from harm is by puppy-proofing before bringing them home. This step is so important that the American Kennel Club created a checklist that is helpful to follow. Many of these tips mirror the same you would follow for baby proofing and some of the most popular include:

  • Unplug electrical cords and move them out of easy reach
  • Keep cleaning supplies in high cabinets or secured behind doors with childproof latches
  • Move poisonous houseplants
  • Keep toilet lids closed
  • Put away small items that are choking hazards 

Create a safe haven for your furry best friend

While bringing a new pup to your home is an exciting time for you, it can be a very scary and vulnerable time for them as their whole world just changed. It’s a great idea to create a safe space your pup can call their very own. Whether it’s a safe corner with a comfortable bed or an appropriately sized crate with cozy blankets, these retreats quickly become their safe space to go to when they need a nap or a break from all the activity.

Prepare a routine that will meet everyone’s needs

Dogs take a lot of care, and puppies need even more because they are so young and vulnerable. It’s important that you consider your schedule and make sure you can handle the time commitment and responsibilities that come along with a new pup before bringing them home and then prepare to establish a routine from day one that will meet everyone’s needs. Setting a consistent schedule for feeding, playtime, training, and potty breaks is a great way to help your puppy feel secure in their new space and gives everyone a predictable routine to follow.

Stock your home with the right supplies

From high-quality puppy food and training treats to water bowls, a comfy bed, and the right sized collar and leash, having essential supplies ready will make the initial days with your new furry friend more comfortable for all. Stock your puppy pantry ahead of time so you have the supplies you need when you need them.

Don’t forget to visit your veterinarian

Visiting the veterinarian should be one of the first things on your to-do list with your new puppy after you bring them home. Scheduling a health checkup and the appropriate vaccinations will set your pup up for success and discuss preventative care early on so you can give your new pet the best care possible. 

If you are adopting a new puppy and need to schedule a veterinary appointment, our team at Bregman Veterinary Group is here to help. At Bregman Veterinary Group we make it our mission to help you determine the best course of action for your pet from the very beginning so that they can live long, healthy lives. To schedule an appointment for your new pup, click here to get started.

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