How to Reduce Barking At Home


Dogs bark for a number of reasons – whether it be expressing emotion, alerting you that someone is approaching the house, or responding to social contact.  However, excessive barking isn’t always welcome by owners or their neighbors. Here are a few tips to help reduce barking at home.

Strategies to Reduce Barking:

  • Don’t Give Them Attention – Many owners don’t realize that they are actually encouraging their dogs to bark by “rewarding” them with food or a treat to keep them quiet.  If you have a dog that loves attention, try to correct the barking by avoiding eye contact, speaking or touching the dog when they start to bark.
  • Increase Physical Activity – High-energy dogs require more exercise than a quick walk.  If you have a high-energy breed, increases your pet’s physical activity with retrieving and searching games can burn up energy and reduce excessive barking.
  • Enroll in An Obedience Class – Obedience classes are an enriching way to provide your pet with direct interaction. 
  • Manage Anxiety – Some dogs bark because they are anxious.  Provide your pet with a quiet refuge away from the front door.  If your pet has separation anxiety, it might be a good idea to consult with an animal behaviorist.
  • Bring Them to the Vet – Barking could be a sign that your pet isn’t feeling well, especially if they are over the age of 7.  Bring your pet into one of our offices to have them evaluated for medical concerns.
If you have any questions about your pet’s health and behavior, contact one of our offices.  Our experienced veterinarians are here to help with all of your concerns!
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