How to (Safely) Spoil Your Pets This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!  As you start to think of ways to shower your loved ones this weekend, don’t forget about your pets!  Your cat or dog will appreciate the extra love.
Celebrate Valentine’s Day With…
With Lots of Playtime
New toys can be the perfect way to treat your pet.  Try the DIY route with these simple toys or pick up a new one at the store!  Spending quality time playing with your pets is a great way to show them affection.

With a Long Walk
If the weather cooperates, take your pet for a walk.  The fresh air and exercise is good for both you and your pet!

With Catnip
Cats go crazy for catnip.  Just the smell will leave them happily rolling or meowing.  Look for toys that have catnip in them as a special Valentine’s Day treat for your feline friend.

With Baked Treats
Try your hand at baking a gourmet treat for your pet!  This recipe for Valentine’s Day cranberry hearts for your pup or this recipe for Catnip Kitty Treats for your feline friend.

Your pets will appreciate the extra treats – just be careful of overdoing it on the extra calories.

Of course, you should also keep a few safety concerns in mind.  Some of the ways that we like to celebrate Valentine’s Day can be unsafe for our pets.
Be Careful Of…

Every pet owner knows that chocolate can be potentially life-threatening.  Be sure to keep chocolate (especially dark chocolate) out of your pet’s reach.  If your pet does accidentally find it’s way into your chocolate supply, be sure to give our office a call.

Keep an eye on wine or champagne glasses (and spills).  Even a small amount of alcohol can be toxic to your pet.

Toxic Bouquets
Be mindful of what kinds of floral arrangements are sent to your home for Valentine’s Day.  Lilies and rose thorns can be dangerous if your pet gets a hold of them.

Lit Candles
Candle flames can provide a beautiful evening glow, but be sure to blow them out before you leave the room.  You don’t want your pet to accidentally burn themselves or knock over the candle when you’re not around.

If you have any questions about your pet’s health this weekend, we encourage you to contact one of our offices.  We’re here to help you keep your pet’s happy and healthy year-round.

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