How to Stop a Cat from Scratching

We all love our pets, especially our cuddly kittens. However, sometimes our cats really know how to push our buttons. For example, you may arrive home from work one day to find your new couch adorned with stripes of scratches made by your feline. Before you lose all hope on maintaining damage-free furniture, there is a solution. 

Why Scratching is Important

Scratching is a vital part of a cat’s existence. It keeps their claws sharp and has many other benefits for a cat. Firstly, scratching is an exercise technique that strengthens a cat’s upper body. Secondly, it’s a way for your cat to mark its territory by leaving its signature scent, especially in a multi-cat home. 

Blank Canvas

Scratching is an important way of life for cats. Since we can’t stop it, we have to figure out how to live with it while keeping our furniture safe. One of the most popular ways to do this is investing in a scratching post. This acts as a blank canvas for your cat’s “artwork”. In multi-cat homes, this can even act as a hangout for your cats. But before you go pick out a post, it’s important to know which one is best for your cat. 

Cats that scratch couches or leg posts would be more interested in a vertical scratching post. On the contrary, cats who scratch rugs and carpets would prefer a horizontal scratching post. Moreover, it’s economically smart to invest in a post that is rough enough for long time wear and tear. Lucky for us this is the favorite amongst our feline friends. Sisal, a course natural fiber post, is the most popular and highly recommended. So, consider playing around with scratch posts made out of hemp, cedar, cardboard, or rope to find your cats favorite.

Of course, just because you purchased the right scratching post doesn’t mean your cat will use it. Since your cat has been scratching your antique armoire, it may not be interested in the new scratching post right away. There are many ways to help the scratching post grab your cat’s attention. One of the most popular is sprinkling some catnip on the post. This not only makes the post memorable, but helps her realize it’s great for scratching. You could also place your cats’ favorite toy at the top of the post. Then, when she climbs to retrieve it, she’ll realize she loves how the post feels on her claws.

Different Deterrents

If your cat isn’t acknowledging the scratch post don’t fret!  Your furniture still has a chance. There are many other deterrents that can keep your furniture looking good as new. A popular one is the use of double-sided sticky tape. Since cat’s paws are sensitive, the idea of scratching something sticky isn’t appealing. This will prevent your cat from revisiting that couch corner or table leg. 

Scratching sprays are can be extremely effective. Spraying your furniture with the scratch spray will trick your cat into thinking she already marked her territory. Pretty cool right? You can buy the scratch spray or make your own. You can add ingredients like vinegar, essential citrus oils or even garlic and peppermint.  

Don’t let your new furniture reflect your decision about buying a cat. There are so many ways to keep your furniture safe from your feline friend. If you don’t know which way is right for you, The Bregman Veterinary Group can help you figure it out. Together, Bregman Veterinary Group will help you and your cat find the purrfect fit.

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