How to Stop your Pets from Destroying the Furniture

Here are a few helpful tips that might help you to regain some control of an
out-of-control chewing situation with your dog or puppy.

Understand Why
Puppies are
like babies… They are discovering a whole new world & they explore with
their mouths. Just like babies, they teethe & they chew because it gives
them a sense of comfort and relief. It is your job to establish rules for what
objects are appropriate for chewing.

Adult dogs might be chewing for other
reasons, and it is your responsibility to understand why & manage the
situation until they have learned what objects in your home are not allowed to
be chewed.
  Maybe they never learned not
to chew as a puppy, maybe they have anxiety or they are bored. They could be
afraid, or just want attention.

Teach & Supervise
Keep your personal belongings that you
don’t want to be chewed in places where they are not accessible to your pet.
Provide your dog with bright colored toys that are distinguishable from regular
household objects. Supervise your dog & have a “safe place” in your home
that is just for them where they have access to fresh water and all of the toys
that are cleared for chewing.

Socialize your Dog

Make sure your
dog is spending plenty of time with people and other dogs- if possible. They
will never learn appropriate behavior if they are never given the

Taste Deterrents &
You can spray
and coat objects like your sofa with a taste deterrents that might make them
unappealing to chew… Some dogs will chew right through a deterrent, but some
will be put off by the bitter taste. On the other end of the spectrum, give
them incentives to chew their toys by using them for feeding. Fill a Kong-type
toy with kibble for meal times and occasionally treats. An infatuation will
develop between them and their toys taking their attention away from your
expensive furniture.

At the end of
the day, it is important to set boundaries, while understanding that things
happen! Chewing is part of being a dog owner and occasionally your dog will
inevitably chew something that’s important to you. And you’ll love them anyway!

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