How to Take the Perfect Holiday Pet Portrait


It comes as no surprise that many people will include their pet’s in their holiday cards (after all, you want to include the whole family!).  

Will you be taking any holiday photos with your pets this year?   Here are a few tips to help you get the perfect shot.

Tips for Perfect Holiday Pet Photos:

  • Get Your Pets Familiar – Many cats and dogs will feel startled by a camera and the noises that it makes.  Get your pet comfortable with the sights and sounds of a camera before attempting your holiday photo.
  • Keep Lighting In Mind – Try to utilize natural light when taking photos of your pets.  This will help avoid getting red or yellow eyes in your photos. 
  • Keep Distractions Minimal – Take your photos in a place where there are limited distractions.  Keep your pet’s focus on the camera.
  • Let Your Pet Feel Natural – Capture your pet’s personality in your holiday photo!  Rather than forcing them to sit there in uncomfortable positions, let your pet play in the photo and be himself!
  • Shorten Your Session – Many pets aren’t willing to sit for long periods of time.  Keep your photo sessions short.
  • Be Patient – Pets have short attention spans and get bored quickly.  Don’t be discouraged!  With some patience, you can get the perfect photo you’re looking for.

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