How To Teach Your Dog To Stop Begging For Food

Food is an
essential part of life, and to a dog food is life. But that does not mean they
need to beg for it. As great as it is to share with your dog, especially when
at the dinner table, it can create undesired results. Here are some tips to
help with managing a dog’s food expectations and begging for food.

When you are
eating, avoid giving attention to your dog or making eye contact with them.
This will then help to not encourage them to expect anything.

Also avoid
handing food off to the dog during meal times. This practice should not only
occur at the dinner table either, avoid handing them food when you’re on the
couch, chair, in bed or while at your desk. Encourage all members of the
household to abide by this rule of thumb.

When you sit
down to eat, get your dog into a stay position and find a means of attraction
such as a Kong toy with a treat in it.

If you do
desire to share your food with your dog, and to avoid creating any unwanted
behaviors consider this approach. Take the food you wish to share and place it
in his food bowl with his food, and give it to him during his meal time. This
way it acts more as a meal treat for him.

It may be
difficult and take time, but with the proper diligence your dog will come to
understand that begging does not work. This will allow for a more pleasant meal time for both you and your dog.

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