How To Travel Safely With Your Pets This Summer

Summer is finally here, and the hot sunny weather encourages many
people to take vacations.  If you
can’t find a sitter or if you just can’t part with your pet, there are a few
tips to help you travel safely with your cat or dog!
Before deciding to take your pet on your journey, ask yourself
if your pet is up for the trip?  “Most
cats are happier at home with a sitter,” says Louise Murray, director of
medicine at Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital, in NYC.
Traveling long distances may be very uncomfortable and scary
for your pet.  Whether you’re traveling by plane, train
or automobile, chances are this will be a new and scary experience for your
pet.  Decide if the means of transportation
you’re taking to reach your destination will be OK for your pet as well. 
If you’re traveling
on an airline that doesn’t allow pets to fly in the cabin, do you want your pet
tucked away with the cargo? Often times, larger pets aren’t allowed in the
cabin and therefore are stowed with the cargo. Cargo can be unsafe, frightening
and uncomfortable for your furry friends. If you do have a larger pet, taking the train may be a better option. “Trains tend to be a safe
and comfortable travel option for short to medium distances,” says Murray. Just
be sure the train company you’re using allows pets on board. 

For additional travel tips for pets, CLICK HERE. 
The Bregman Veterinary Group encourages pet owners to take these tips into consideration
when traveling this summer. For more information and pet tips, visit us our
Facebook page

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