How Veterinarians Take Care of Business

Dr. Tonya Loreman and Dr. Shelley Gothard were working with other veterinary practices for years, but in 2010, decided it was time to open their own venture in Naples, Florida. They treat their client’s pets with such care that in order for dogs to leave the building, their owners throw a treat into their car just to get them out!
As veterinarian’s, The Bregman Vet Group can appreciate the quality of care and attention other vet’s provide at their practices. For most of us, our days start off with surgeries in the morning so the animals can rest in the afternoon. The animals are constantly checked on throughout the day to make sure the recovery is going as planned. Depending on the day, we might need to squeeze in another surgery, but usually we schedule check-ups, spaying and neutering, etc. to complete in the afternoons.
Dr. Loreman, like the vets at The Bregman Vet Group, have completed many different surgeries as pets get caught in untimely places. One patient of Dr. Loreman’s swallowed unraveled carpet; another cat got both paws caught on fishing hooks that the owner left laying around; and a bladder stone came out of a dog that was the size of a marble! It takes time for the animals to recover, but they come back for their check-ups feeling a lot better when handled with proper care.
One of the most important tips Dr. Loreman and vet’s across the country have for pet owners is to not think twice about taking your pet to the vet if you become concerned about an issue! No concern is too small to be checked out.
“I do see trying to avoid costs, but it is heartbreaking when care is postponed,” Dr. Loreman said. “The problem is advanced and the solution is much more expensive. It is the best way for you and your pet to become acquainted with the doctor and hospital staff before your pet may be showing signs of illness. We are here to help,” (
If you are having any concerns about your pets health, please call one of our vets at The Bregman Vet Group and we will be happy to help get your pet healthy! 

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