Human Treats that are Toxic for Pets!

Do your pets enjoy snacking on human treats? There are a lot
of items around your house that can be deadly to your pets! Dr. Dorothy Black,
an assistant professor at the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary
Medicine and Biomedical Sciences shared some information about certain foodsthat can be extremely toxic to pets.

Dr.Black added that not all of these foods may cause toxic
reactions if ingesting them, but it is smart to keep them out of your pets
reach. Two foods that could be harmful to pets are grapes and raisins. Both of
these items contain a toxic substance that can lead to renal failure by an
unknown mechanism.  Chocolate and dark
chocolate are also harmful for pets. The caffeine and theobromine are the two
ingredients found in chocolate that possess toxic harm for pets.

Garlic, onions and chives are also dangerous for pets.  Each of them contains the toxic allicin, which
is released upon crushing or chewing.

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