Installed Microchips Can Bring Your Pet Home

Picture this – you are calling for your pet, looking all over the house, under laundry piles- and they are nowhere to be found. You realize that the back door was slightly open and that empty feeling starts to settle inside your stomach. My pet is gone! How could I have done this?
There is a way that your pet can be easily found, and that is by installing a microchip in the scruff of their neck. These chips work like an electronic dog tag. Pet owner’s information can be programmed with the chip manufacturer and when the animal is scanned, the phone number will show up. This makes it easier to have your pet returned to you safely.
“It’s not a LoJack or GPS,” Amber Lutz, a veterinary Tech at the Veterinary Medical Center in Howell said, so when an animal does wander away from home the microchip won’t help you locate it. What the microchip does is help animal shelters and vets find you when your pet is brought to them (
Many times, the chip is implanted inside the pet when they are under anesthesia for spaying or neutering, so they don’t feel it very much. It can be used in all types of animals, including horses, cows and exotic birds.
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If you have any questions regarding micro-chipping your pets, call one of the Bregman Vet Hospitals and one of our doctors can speak with you in more detail about this.

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