Interested in Teaching Your Pet New Tricks?


Are you tired of teaching your dog the same old boring tricks like sit and give paw? Dogs can be very intelligent, and with the proper training, they can be taught many of the same things that humans can do.  An article on has outlined a few tips on how to teach your furry friend some new and unusual tricks!

Have you ever seen the videos of dogs hopping on skateboards and going for a ride and wished your pup could do it too?  Well this is not an easy trick to learn, but can definitely be taught by taking small steps.  The first thing you want to do is get your dog used to the skateboard by making it stable.  You can use beanbags, weights or even remove the wheels.  Feed him a treat every time he puts a paw on the board to reinforce that this is positive behavior.  Once he become a bit more comfortable you can begin to manually put his paws on the board and eventually get his entire body on it, still giving him positive praise and treats whenever he interacts with the skateboard.  Once he seems secure on his new toy, start to get him moving with small pushes and tugs.  Eventually your pup will be flying around on his skateboard having a great time. 

For more tips on how to teach your dog other unusual tricks like opening and closing doors, salute, shoot hoops and more, click here!

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