Interview with Anna From The Bregman Vet Group

The Bregman Vet Group offers the highest quality of care for your beloved pet. One of four locations, The Midbrook Animal Hospital, is a full service veterinary hospital for cats and dogs. TheMidbrook Animal Hospital is fully equipped to accommodate your pets every need including a complete operating room suite offering soft tissue surgery, orthopedic surgery including bone plating and video endoscopy, radiology and ultrasound, digital dental radiology, wellness exams, vaccines and microchips. In addition, The Midbrook Animal Hospital has weekend and evening appointments to accommodate your schedule.
We took a few minutes to sit down with Anna, manager at The Midbrook Animal Hospital. Please view the interview below: 
Interviewer: Good afternoon Anna. Tell us about yourself. Where are you from?

Anna: I was born and raised in Russia. I moved here to the US with my family about 7 years ago.
Interviewer: Wow! That is amazing. What is your official title at the Bregman Vet Group?

Anna: My official title with the Bregman Vet Group is office manager.
InterviewerWhich Bregman Vet Group location do you work in?

Anna: I work full time at The Midbrook Animal Hospital.
InterviewerWhen did you first start working at The Midbrook Animal Hospital? 
AnnaI started working here in 2005. I trained for about 6 months and then started working full time.
InterviewerHave you ever worked at any other Veterinarian Offices before the Bregman Vet Group

Anna: No. When I came to the US in 2004 I didn’t have any experience working in a Veterinary office. In Russia I had started Veterinarian school so I had some knowledge of the field. Once I got this position with The Bregman Vet Group I stuck with it and am very glad I did! I am honored to have this job.
InterviewerWhat is your favorite part about working for Dr. Bregman?
AnnaHe is a very good Doctor and is extremely educated. Dr. Bregman is great with his clients, having their best interest in mind all the time. I also really like how family oriented the group is.

InterviewerWhat is your specialty? What makes you different than most of the staff? 
Anna: I do it all! I have carried the experiences I have in veterinary facilities back in Russia here with me, so I can help the doctors in the office with the animals aiding with the lab machines, assisting with treatments, and preparing the operating room for surgeries etc.. I also complete billing for our clients, prepare and maintain the office as well as answer calls. I’m doing a bit of everything.  

InterviewerWow that is great! How many pets do you have of your own?

AnnaI have one cat. 

Interviewer: Out of all the experiences you’ve had at The Midbrook Animal Hospital, which is your favorite?
Anna: My favorite experiences are getting to witness the surgeries with miracle recoveries we often have here at The Midbrook Animal Hospital.

Interviewer: What type of miracles have you witnessed while on the job?
Anna: We actually had one very recently, about a week ago. A Jack Russell dog was brought in after being attacked by a Pitbull. He had torn muscles in his abdominal wall and was in a really bad way. Dr. Bregman performed emergency surgery and now the dog is healthy and fine!
You heard it from Anna; stop by any Bregman Vet Group location or visit for more details. For a full list of our locations please click HERE!

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