Interview With Balkrishna From The Bregman Vet Group

The Bregman Vet Group offers the highest quality of care for your beloved pet. One of four locations, The Cat Hospital, in Williston Park, NY, is a feline only practice that provides a full array of veterinary care for your pet in a quiet, stress free environment.
We took a few minutes to sit down with Balkrishna, office manager at The Cat Hospital. Please view the interview below: 
Interviewer: Good afternoon Balkrishna. What is your official title at the Bregman Vet Group?
Balk: Good afternoon!  My official title at The Cat Hospital is office manager. I am responsible for ordering office supplies, keeping up with inventory, fixing anything that needs attention and payroll. I also help in the exam room, with surgery and with clients at the front desk.
Interviewer: Wow! You sound very versatile! Which Bregman Vet Group location do you work in?
Balk: I work full time at The Cat Hospital in Williston Park.
Interviewer: When did you first start working at the Cat Hospital? 
Balk: I started in May of 1999, when I was in college getting my undergraduate degree in biology. At that point there were only 2 locations, the Midbrook Animal Hospital and The Cat Hospital.
Interviewer: Have you ever worked at any other Veterinarian Offices before the Bregman Vet Group
Balk: No.
Interviewer: Where are you from?
Balk: I am originally from South America. I came to the United States in 1993 with my family because my parents wanted to give my brother and I more choices in life. Currently I live in Queens.
InterviewerWhat is your favorite part about working for Dr. Bregman?
Balk: Well, I would have to say the way Dr. Bregman carries himself. He has tremendous confidence of being a vet, both in and out of the exam room. He always gives his client’s customized treatment options that fit their individual needs both emotionally and financially. 
Interviewer: What is your specialty? What makes you different than most of the staff? 
Balk: My specialties are found behind the scenes. A lot of the time I do things upstairs with the paperwork, typically within maintaining payroll and invoices. I make sure the hospital runs smoothly.
Interviewer: How many pets do you have?
Balk: I have 3 male cats. 2 of them I have adopted from clients here at The Cat Hospital and the third was from a co-worker.
Interviewer: Out of all the experiences you’ve had at The Cat Hospital, which is your favorite?
Balk: I have been here for 12 years. Seeing a kitten come in that is the size of your palm, grow into a cat is really special to witness. You share a love for the animals and get to know them really well over time and they love you back. It’s a family environment.
Interviewer: What is the funniest story you have from working at the Bregman Vet Group?
Balk: We have a pet named Harry that comes in for boarding on a month basis. Our client wants us to give him revolution each month and the cat really dislikes it and tries to rub it off. I have never seen a cat try do that. He just tries to lick it off from the back of his neck and it was really comical.
Interviewer: Have you witnessed any pet miracles while on the job?
Balk: Working at Paws n’ claws we had a lab come in for an emergency. The lab was suffering from heat exhaustion and was in a terrible state. By the end of the treatment, he was able to go home with his owner and had recovered 100%. It was touching.
Digital X-ray SystemAt The Cat Hospital, a cat was having trouble breathing. Dr. Bregman and I quickly took x-rays to evaluate the situation and discovered she had asthma. We have been treating her for years now, and each time she visits we are reminded of that day and how we helped her.
Another miracle I’ve witnessed has to do with X-Rays. We used to develop x-rays manually, which took long periods of time to complete. With today’s technology, we currently use a fast processor. We used to send x-rays via fed ex to New Jersey.  Today, we can scan it and send to a radiologist, then get accurate results within a half hour. Technology has helped us practice more efficiently and potentially save lives.
You heard it from Balk; stop by any Bregman Vet Group location or visit for more details. For a full list of our locations please click HERE!

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